Fantastic Mammals (And Where To Find Them​)​+

by Fantastic Mammals



released December 15, 2017


all rights reserved



Fantastic Mammals Chicago, Illinois

Fantastic Mammals (absurdus mammalis) are bipedal, semi-nomadic hominids who originate from the central part of North America. Highly socialized by nature, these curious creatures are most notable for their distinctive fur patterns and ability to communicate via song using crude instruments and guttural vocalizations. ... more

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Track Name: The Space Age 60's
I am afraid for every hour
Is a ship that has sailed
The breath of ice on a flower

We are a ghost note, our absence of sound like an era that's lost
forever floating around

(and when it’s gone)  
We’re just words in the air.
A passing thought of what was,
what more is never found out.

(what’s done is done)
your face is sculpted to smile,
the farther you float from my computed beguile
(…I can't do that)
now we’re just words in the air
Like a song that's been sung
Not reaching anyone's ears
It might as well be the Space-Age 60’s
A perfect future that never could be ours, salt our scars

Maybe Steampunk got right
It doesn't work but the future looks good on, progress gone
Reset: 2, 1.

In all the times that we climbed up and fell
Did we learn to accept our victory song’s a death knell?
(I fare thee well)
Open the pod bay doors
Dark monolith of the past, burn out like a shooting star


Reset: 2, 1.

I am afraid for every hour
Is a ship that has sailed
The breath of ice on a flower


Reset: 2, 1.

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