Clam Slam+

by 2 Fantastik!

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Clam Slam 03:56
INTRO 1 foot in UR hair 1 foot in UR hand U turn it around and 2 slam that clam "clam" "slam" What time it is? "it's time 2 clam slam!" VERSE 1 Everybody across the land! Got a brand new dance It's called the Clam Slam! U don't need those fancypants Just get out on the floor It's time 2 clam slam Some are born with no rhythm Others got the funk, within in em Let me be UR guide (guide) Go on a clam slam ride (ride) I'll take U down 2 clam slam town Girl just lemme slide like uh! PRE-CHORUS Alright, Yes, let's make these fools dance CHORUS Open it up Hope there's no sand! Everybody do the clam slam jam Open it up Hope there's no sand! Everybody on the clam slam tram VERSE 2 Spring, by the lake, clams with chardonnay. Summer, hot damn (hot damn!), city rooftop clam slam. Autumn, pumpkin patch, is where the clam slam's at. Winter, by the fire, slam 'em nice and quiet. PRE-CHORUS 2 Ooh! When I'm with U I feel blessed All it takes… Just a little finesse CHORUS BRIDGE 1 "fellas" "yeah!" "what time it is?" "it's time 2 jam!" "put UR hands together" "Manhattan clam slam!" "ladies" "yeah!" "what time it is?" "it's time 2 jam!" "whatchu gon' do?" "manhattan clam slam!" "everybody now" "yeah!" "what time it is?" "it's time 2 jam!" "whatchu gon' do?" "manhattan clam slam!" "one more time!" BRIDGE 2 All U dancing fools And cats 2 cool This is UR last chance 2 dance Mammals, take ‘em 2 the end! OUTRO Come on, come on! Slam it slam it! Clam Slam Nation! Huh!


I have never cared in the slightest about any celebrity death,

But the sudden death of Prince really hit me hard and deep - to see someone who had so much left to give to the world snatched so quickly.
I had been on a Prince-only kick for months at the time, and the Purple One's passing added more depth to his entire catalog.

Fantastic Mammals has always had a lighter side that reared its' head amongst our heavier subject matter and lyrical content.

When recording "Fantastic Mammals (And Where to Find Them) at Steve Albini's Electrical Audio Studio A in Chicago with Mark Yoshizumi,; Brad started singing the opening line of what would become "Clam Slam" - a Prince/Morris Day / Ray Parker Jr. tribute and pervy lyrical joke pushed so far it found it's way to the desk of Paramount Entertainment, Morris Day's booking agency...

Good Gawd.

- Mammalism

Heavy use of funk lord AlyJamesLab's incredible plugins (


released April 28, 2017


all rights reserved



Fantastic Mammals Chicago, Illinois

Fantastic Mammals (absurdus mammalis) are bipedal, semi-nomadic hominids who originate from the central part of North America. Highly socialized by nature, these curious creatures are most notable for their distinctive fur patterns and ability to communicate via song using crude instruments and guttural vocalizations. ... more


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